Homemade Biscuits


Welcome to Haberdish. We’ve taken a lot of time to craft a menu and find ingredients to give you a taste of Carolina. Read on to find out where our food comes from.


From Springer Mountain Farms, we’re able to bring you a vegetarian-fed, pesticide-free hen, that has never been exposed to antibiotics, animal by-products, growth stimulants or hormones. All our chickens are raised right there on property in Mt. Airy, Georgia.

As the first feed mill in the world to earn the Safe Feed Safe Food certification from the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), Springer Mountain was also the first poultry producer in the world to gain the endorsement of the American Humane Association under their American Humane Certified program.


Snowflake flour comes from Sanford Milling Company in Henderson, NC – a fourth generation, family-run flour mill. Snowflake flour is an enriched, short-patent flour which means it is finer, softer, and whiter than other flours – and makes for our delicious homemade biscuits, pastries and cakes right here at Haberdish!

Braswell Family Farm brings us cage-free eggs without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. Their US Grade A eggs come from hens that are 100% vegetarian-fed. Bramwell is a fourth-generation, family-owned farm in North Carolina.


Love your grits? Our Anson Mills coarse grits are produced from field ripened Carolina Gourdseed White or John Haulk Yellow dent mill corns, each prized historically for exceptional flavor and texture—and each, until recently, nearly extinct. Enjoy!

There’s cool stuff all around you.

Our soap stone bar top came from a quarry in Virginia. We have salvage denim on our interior seating that was produced in Cone Mills, North Carolina. Our table tops were hand crafted right here in Charlotte, and the wood came from the rafters of our building. The bar taps are reused spindles from a former mill, and our copper lights are hand-spun and designed and assembled right here in Charlotte.

We’re lucky to have two sculptures and an in-laid tile piece all created by Paul Sires – who we call “the godfather of NoDa”. Paul and his wife, artist Ruth Ava Lyons, helped this community transition from the closing of mills to the hip, artistic center it has become. See more at www.noda.org.